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Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Room with Oak Furniture

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Room with Oak Furniture

Oak is a beautiful wood that tells a story of a thousand years, with gorgeous ripples and rich tones of reddy-beige and delicate browns. There is currently a huge interior design trend for using natural materials to accent a room. Battered metals, soft luxurious cotton and strong, wooden furniture dominate the interior design world at the moment. If you’re going to use wooden pieces in your design, why not use the mighty oak?


Oak furniture is a part of English heritage; did you know that legends say that the strength of oak wood is what the British Empire was founded on? It is strong and it is reliable and resistant to fungus and insect infestations. The grain patterns are particularly attractive and many well-known famous buildings in the UK have oak furnishings. In the war, it was also used as a building material for huge Navy ships in the UK and in Europe.

As building materials have advanced, oak furniture isn’t generally used as a building material anymore, but it is widely used to make high-quality furniture.

There are lots of different types of oak wood used to make furniture and the rarer it is, the more expensive it tends to be.

Oak Types

The most popular type is natural oak which has a beautiful rich brown colour. Tiger oak has the same rich brown but contains more stripes and patterns within it. Cats Paw oak or ‘pippy oak’ has a distinct cat’s paw pattern on it which is really attractive and makes any piece of furniture stand out. The rarest type is called bog oak which is darker than natural oak and its high price is based on the fact its rich colour has come from being preserved in a peat bog for hundreds of years.

The popularity of oak is not just limited to the UK and many households enjoy its stunning qualities worldwide. Canada in particular with its beautiful natural surroundings embraces natural wooden furniture made from materials like oak, maple and cherry.

In Vancouver, oak furniture is extremely popular and there are many skilled craftsmen making the most of this attractive wood. If you live in Vancouver why not take a look at some of the beautiful pieces available to you locally?

Why not try a Vancouver oak bookcase full of old classic books, or a solid oak coffee table on a handwoven rug? If you live in the UK and want to try it then Lights and Furniture has a good selection.

No matter where you are, oak furniture is available to you and once you have invested in a piece, it will last you a lifetime. It is beautiful, solid, reliable and strong and it is a feature in itself because it has so many wonderful patterns within it and the colour is so deep and earthy.

If you’re designing a room and you want to bring a modern, natural feel to it, have a look at some examples of good quality oak furniture. It’s an incredible material and it’s amazing value for money.