• The Advantages of Having Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

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    Today, many people are concerned about the soaring price of food. While a vegetable garden won’t provide everything you need, it can go a good way towards reducing your food bill. Even if you have just a small amount of space around the foundation of your home, you can use it for a wrap-around vegetable garden. Depending on the plants that you choose to grow and how you store them, you may even find that you can have fresh vegetables on hand all year long.

    Saving Money

    If you think about the vegetables you use the most often, tomatoes rank at or near the top of your list. Whether you use tomatoes for sauce on spaghetti or cut them up for a salad, they tend to be a staple food in everyone’s kitchens. Fortunately, tomatoes are easy to grow in almost any climate. And even if you don’t have room for a full vegetable garden, you can still grow tomatoes in a pot on your patio. In many cases, 10-15 healthy plants will provide enough tomatoes for one person for a whole year if you can them for preservation purposes.

    Your Health and Commercial Farm Pesticides

    Many food stores carry what they refer to as “organically grown” vegetables. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if these plants were grown near other crops that were exposed to pesticides. At the same time, it’s equally impossible to determine if the soil was once exposed to pesticide before being converted to an organic farm. If you’re serious about avoiding pesticides on your vegetables, the best thing you can do is grow them yourself. Because carrots tend to absorb more pesticide from the soil than any other vegetable, it’s especially important to grow them on your own instead of buying them.

    Organic Gardens are Eco Friendly

    As you might expect, if we use less space for commercial farms, we’ll need to cut down fewer endangered rain forests and destroy fewer natural habitats. In addition, if commercial farms need to produce smaller numbers of produce, the less a need there will be for harmful pesticides that pollute rivers and other parts of the environment. Even if you feel that one person can’t make a difference in ending these environmental problems, you’d be surprised at the benefits that would result if even a moderate number of people chose to grow some of their own vegetables.

    Every year, millions of tons of vegetables rot because no one consumes them. At the same time, exorbitant food prices and the usage of harmful pesticides makes it almost impossible for a person to have a truly healthy diet. Growing your own vegetables isn’t as complicated as many people believe. In fact, all you need is a pot, a plant, plus some soil, water and sunlight. If you make an effort to grow at least part of your vegetables in a home garden, you can help eliminate a wide number of environmental and financial issues.

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