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Why you Should Always Consider the Wooden Playhouse First!

Why you Should Always Consider the Wooden Playhouse First!

The traditional wooden playhouse still has its place in the modern century amongst the faded plastic varieties. Take a look in many gardens to see these specimens of old playhouses, bleached by the sun, and suffering years of neglect, unloved.

The problem is: its hard to recycle them, unlike the good old wooden playhouse, which is built with wood means any competent garden should be able to fashion some use out of it when the children or grandchildren have all grown up or flown the nest.

Some creative ideas might be to fix window boxes for herb growing. If the roof is stable enough why not add a moss layer for a garden roof. It could even be a nice little home for a lawnmower?

Wood will do all these things that plastic won’t do.

  • Allow moss & lichen to grow
  • Fade to a natural colour & blend with surroundings
  • Provide shelter for insects & other wildlife
  • Do your part for the planet.

But what about the wood?

Isn’t cutting down wood bad for the planet? I hear you say.

The short answer to that is NO.  Regulations require that not any old tree be cut down these days. Instead carefully managed forestry plantations provide a sustainable amount of timber for current use in Europe, thus also proving much-needed carbon neutral offset by doing so.

What about the ecological impact of plastic garden toys?

It’s a small part of today’s bigger problem, but every little helps to stop the global demand for fossil fuel and plastics derived from fossil fuel. These plastics take millions of years to break down into biodegradable material, and even so break down into a micro level that could have a significant effect on our ecological system in many years to come.

Where to get a good Wooden playhouse.

The names to look out for that stand for quality are Billy-Oh & Mad-Dash.

Both these companies have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the manufacturing and supply of the most popular wooden playhouses on the market today.

Built to the highest standards for safety and welfare these sturdy playhouses will withstand years of use as a children’s play den and then go on to withstand years of use as an intricate garden planter or feature.