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Caring For Your Garden Furniture

Caring For Your Garden Furniture

Outdoor garden furniture can be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, natural stone, glass, rattan and wicker. All have their particular care requirements. Following a few simple rules assists you to keep your furniture looking great and lasting for a longer period.

Basic Advice

Whenever possible, store the garden or patio furniture inside during the winter. If this is difficult, be sure that it is covered (patio furniture covers are usually available in garden centres, retail outlets etc.).

Remove furniture from standing water and also steer clear of direct contact with the damp ground for long periods of time. Check out and follow the manufacturers care instructions.

Teak and Eucalyptus Garden Furniture

Teak and eucalyptus are very dense, course-grained hardwoods used for centuries in furniture making. They are naturally oily and need little treatment for use inside or outside. The use of teak oil or other products will not increase the life of the wood.

However, the use of Teak Oil or Tung Oil will deepen the colour a little bit and will protect against stains from seeping into the wood grain. The application of Teak Oil or Tung Oil will in addition decrease the greying effect brought on by ultraviolet rays

Teak and eucalyptus can be effectively maintained using a typical kitchen cleaning sponge and soapy water (nothing astringent) and then wiped over with teak oil.

The application of varnish or any kind of polyurethane finish or sealers must be avoided as the two woods are oily and urethane sealers don’t adhere properly, resulting in the requirement to refinish the timber later on.

Hardwood Garden Furniture

Hardwood patio and garden furniture is extremely easy to take care of and needs to be wiped down as much as possible with a damp towel dipped in water or dipped in a safe cleaner. If any liquid spills appear they need to be removed at once.

There are a number of treatment products and solutions on the market that will improve the look of the furniture including our own Maintenance Kit for Hardwood Garden Furniture.

Natural Stone Garden Furniture

Natural stone is porous which enables it to have a certain degree of absorbency. Liquids and grime can penetrate the surface and leave stains, by guarding and correctly maintaining the surface the common blemishes might be avoided, maintenance will be substantially reduced and the charm of the stone is going to be taken care of for a long time. It is also a must to keep this garden furniture protected during winter as it is not frost-proof.

Applying Lithofin impregnators (sealers) and cleaners will maintain the look of the furniture and avoid common unsightly spillages such as red wine and fruit juice from spoiling the appearance of these lovely tables.

Wicker, Rattan and Textilene Garden Furniture

Contemporary garden furniture made with or including these materials is hard, resin-based and weather resistant. Usually, they can be wiped down with soapy water as and when needed. It is important to keep away from using sharp objects on them. The use of a vacuum cleaner will remove dust and unwelcome dirt.

Aluminium and Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Aluminium furniture irrespective of whether it be extruded, wrought or cast, has the advantages of being lightweight and rust-proof which enables it to be left out in the garden all year long. Simple cleaning with a soapy towel or sponge is all the maintenance required.

Although it has terrific longevity, wrought iron furniture should be brought indoors throughout the winter season, or at least covered, since it is prone to rust particularly in coastal areas where sea spray and salt air can have an adverse affect. A bit of simple touching up is going to be required from time to time. Liquid wax polish can be used to ward off rusting.