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If you’re one of those individuals who also wish to jump into the bandwagon of bringing back the nostalgia of the vintage exuberance that has a tendency to waft around one of those local bistro bars amidst the alleyways in France, it’s of utmost importance that you keep yourself well educated and updated about the varied niches and nuances of the kind of furniture that is assured to best compliment the ambience of your exterior abode for achieving this, henceforth!

What with the introduction of plastic furniture derivatives dominating this respective industry due to its seemingly efficacious, ergonomic and versatile standards, most of us were really thrown off-course upon realization of the consequences post disposal of these items; what a wreak of havoc to our environment, because of non-renewable properties!

In conclusion, if new is silver – old really is gold! Therefore, the most adored manner of everlasting furniture ensembles that featured existence during the medieval era has finally received light in this current day and age as to how timeless and priceless they all are, period. What with most of us urbanized folks mostly accustomed to the synthetic aspects of things around us, wouldn’t it be convenient to learn about the diversified array of classical metal outdoor furniture formations prior to making any decisions on preference and design, depending on a budget?

Be it cast/wrought iron or aluminium (by means of which most metal garden furniture is manufactured as of date), here are the different kinds of pieces that you’re subject to setting up in your backyard; take a read!

1) Table-and-chair sets

Without any further ado, these ensembles don’t require much introduction as they’re ultimate staples for thriving and striving within any household. However, in the case scenario of metal outdoor chattel equipment, the archetypical European vibes of the long-gone renaissance period are still made to be reminiscent by the makers of these furniture pieces today.

(i) Bistro sets:

Being the French term for little bars that offer inexpensively priced meals to the local dweller, bistro tables are usually the smallest in size in proportion to most other genres of tables out there, ranging of nothing more than 60 – 65 centimetres in diameter.

Arriving in conjunction to two chairs, these sets are ideal for those nooks and crannies of your backyard that feel quite bland in terms of appearance; when just a well-pruned hedge in contrast to a neatly mowed patch of grass just won’t do, incorporating this miniature version of a dining set is absolutely delightful for occasional brunches or evening tea with the neighbour residing at the next block.

(ii) Patio sets:

These sets can be defined as the compact versions of the conventional dining ensembles that can range in diameters of anything between 80 to 90 centimetres in their tables.

What’s most advantageous about patio sets is its high level of stringent versatility in terms of placement; an absolutely stunning cast aluminium set can easily be located almost anywhere within the midst of a normal domestic garden – either discreetly at a corner or flamboyantly in the centre (or better yet, even within the boundaries of a gazebo that isn’t generous with a lot of space).

(iii) Dining sets:

If you’re the kind of person who has a coherent repertoire in hosting everything from cocktail parties to family luncheons, then investing in a mainstream dining set which can typically feature diameters of 150 centimetres in circular tables and dimensions of 95 x 150 centimetres in angular tables at a minimum level respectively is a deal that is bound to serve you purposefully for generations to come.

2) Benches

Depending on the classification of metal used, the designs and weight of benches can vary enormously; while traditionally hand-crafted loveseats made by plying wrought-iron can display a myriad of intricately carved designs (these could be anything from leaves to feathers!), the commercially mass-manufactured cast-iron and aluminium counterparts may portray contemporarily latticed templates for those who appreciate a more abstract way of life.

3) Chaise loungers

 What with prices and taxes around us soaring sky-high except for our wages, escaping to an exotic land situated in the tropics is just not an option, point-blank! Nonetheless, how about indulging in a ‘staycation’? Yes, from a plethora of sturdy yet sophisticated models, cast-metal recliners are the perfect companion for indulging in that sunbathing session during warm summer months.

Integrated with a polyester cum PVC mesh fabric along the entire length of the elongated chair, these chaise loungers are surprisingly comfortable too.