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For those who are inclined towards bringing absolute elegance to their backyards, there’s nothing like the good ol’ classics, needless to say! The indispensable element of wrought iron garden furniture is one that has been sought after by our ancestors since time immemorial, all thanks to its versatile properties of stringent durability and convenient malleability.

Taking into account the flagship case scenario of garden furniture that has been crafted with this metal, it’s never surprising to encounter delicately moulded latticework over a wide variety of furniture aspects – such as the armrest or table surface, or better yet, the entire object of furniture itself.

Hence in the eyes of a connoisseur, a wrought iron garden furniture piece is more than mere furniture; it’s a masterpiece in itself. Following herewith are two innovative concepts for a spacious and congested backyard respectively as a means of inspiring the vintage artisan in you. These suggestions could be adhered to as they are or they could be manipulated to suit one’s preferences; read on to know more!

1) For family flows and gatherings on a mainstream level, accentuating your wrought iron dining set right at the centre of your garden or patio is your best bet.

What with almost all of us being accustomed to the luncheon and/or dinning galas occurring on a daily basis within the interior boundaries of our homes, why not take a break from this mundane routine and imitate the sensual heroes and heroines of yesteryear? Apart from portraying a lush garden locale with a luxurious furniture ensemble, the fine dining etiquette as presented by classical beauties such as Marilyn Monroe sure is an inspiration for one and all, after all!

Yes, leaving those nightly dinners in front of the TV behind, the ritual of gathering for a gastronomic extravaganza on a weeknight amidst a few illuminating elements is an absolute thriller and stress-buster after a hard day’s work.

In order to revel in this trend, investing in a wrought iron garden furniture dining set is bound to be of the most versatile use for this matter, with a proportionate placement of the table right at the centre since the smooth passing of a number of family members is required. For achieving that archetypical vintage feel to your mealtimes at the patio henceforth, orient yourself to purchase a set that has been intricately carved with motifs pertaining to a diversified array of flora and fauna, such as petals, leaves, vines and birds (parrots and peacocks are ideal for exuding a more Bohemian vibe).

While most commercially produced pieces guarantee durability for a period of time that is more than enough to turn them into family heirlooms, a wrought iron garden dining set that has been exclusively crafted by hand is apt to render more assurance in terms of durability and finesse. The absence of prominent ‘seams’ (corrugated boundaries that are distinguishable at the ends of furniture pieces, such as the edges around the legs of tables/chairs) along with a zero assembly of chairs with nuts and bolts is a distinctive feature of items that have been handmade. This distinctive property thereby assures the most heightened level of elegance, with a great degree of authenticity.

2) Smaller backyards are ideal for including a coupled table-and-chair set or a bench with a look that spells ‘low maintenance’ – yet in a captivatingly sophisticated way.

There once began an era when the whole world went head over heels with the development and implementation of plastic in consumer and home commodities, which in turn resulted in classical wrought iron products receiving a backseat in the minds of many a home decorator. Fast forward a few decades, and most of us now wish to bring back the exuberance of retro-inspired concepts after getting a valuable lesson learnt: plastic just isn’t durable enough!

As wrought iron garden furniture derivatives are weighty, sturdy and do not necessarily require much pampering in order to protect their neat finishes from the elements, they don’t need to be constantly shifted from one spot to the other come the chances of heavy rain or unforgiving gales. Thus, leaving a simple two-seater side table along the hedge or a bench near the steps is a wonderful way to jazz up the ambience of your entire garden generically in conjunction to implying a renaissance-infused sensation (think Spain during medieval times!).

Since the numbers of items placed are less, opting for bright, monochromatic shades of glazed white and/or black is an exceedingly definitive means of procreating a contrasting edge with the hue of green in the grass.