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Choosing a Picnic Bench that You Can Leave Out All Year Round

Choosing a Picnic Bench that You Can Leave Out All Year Round

There is nothing finer than outdoor dining when the weather starts to turn sunny and summer is just around the corner. But with the weather in Britain what it is, this isn’t always a weekly occurrence, so it’s quite a task making sure that you buy a picnic bench that will last in any sort of weather.

Making sure the garden furniture that you buy is treated before you purchase it is the key. This is a critical part to making sure that the piece of furniture that you purchase will have a long life and won’t perish in the weather. There are many ways of treating timber to ensure that it is weather-resistant, but it really depends on the type of timber being used and the climate that it will be sitting in all year round.

In the UK some of the best use is either Swedish Redwood, or Douglas Fir, which can be grown in this country which gives them an extra layer of reliability and protection naturally to the weather. From this, one of the best treatments that can be applied to any outdoor garden bench is a simple pressure treatment of tantalising fluid.

This tantalising fluid is applied at pressure and this simply means that it will be sprayed into the wood at such a pressure that it penetrates right to the depth of the wood ensuring that the tantalising protection is throughout the whole layer of the bench.

This means that it is a lot less likely to rot from the inside, as well as the outside and should anything go wrong with the bench, or if it got knocked, the surface being uncovered would still be protected. This is why surface deep treatment is really not safe to be used. With simple care techniques put in place as well, you can make sure that your tanalised bench will last forever, even left out 24/7 and all year round.