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Expert Watering Tips for Your Home Garden

Expert Watering Tips for Your Home Garden


Water and sunlight are two natural entities that keep your garden plants alive. Obviously, sunlight is automatic as long as you have picked a good spot to plant your garden. When it comes to water, however, many amateur gardeners make critical mistakes and end up damaging their lawn and garden. For instance, using too much water will drown your plants. Using too little will cause them to dry out and die.

Finding a healthy balance might keep your garden plants alive. If you truly want them to dwell at their full potential, you should follow the simple techniques below.

How much water is too much? When is the best time to water your garden plants? If you water your plants too quickly – whether you do it manually or via a sprinkler system – you might create a small pool of water that could effectively drown your plants and their roots. The location in which you live impacts your garden. Gardens in dryer climates require more water applications than gardens in moist climates.

“One of the most common errors we see gardeners make is that they do not allow their plants to dry out between watering applications,” said Dean, owner of Nursery, Inc., a landscape design company. “Many people believe that watering their plants on a daily basis helps hydrate their garden when actually it kills it. Daily watering will literally destroy your roots and essentially drown your garden.”

A best practice is to check how deep the soil feels moist. If the soil feels dry before you reach a depth of half an inch to an inch, it is most likely safe and important to add a little water.

If you would like to take some work off your plate, you should consider installing or applying automatic sprinklers. As long as you keep track of the weather, using these sprinkler systems almost always improves your garden.

You should get in the habit of watering your garden in the morning. Because mornings are cooler, the water you apply will not evaporate as quickly as it would during warmer times of the day. If you water your plants at night, it may not evaporate as quickly but it will keep the ground so moist that it will attract harmful bacteria.

If you are having trouble keeping your garden alive, follow the simple watering tips above and you should start seeing healthier plants quickly.