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Great Examples of Bug Killers

( And How You Can Use Them Effectively)

Great Examples of Bug Killers ( And How You Can Use Them Effectively)

Having an infestation of any kind of bug can be a real pain. Constantly having to clear them out of your home, scratching at bites and stings and hiding in another room until your other half gets home to deal with them. I’m sure you have whole artillery of gizmos, gadgets and concoctions created to dispose of even the toughest bug. But how do you know which ones work, and is there anything you’re missing.

So with that in mind here is a rundown of some of the most popular bug killers around and whether they really are worth the money.

The Electric Bug Zapper

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, from small portable handheld devices to larger outdoor varieties, the bug zapper is designed to kill instantly using a strong electric current, and certainly works well when given the chance. There is usually a bright light close to the current which works to entice the bugs in. It does tend to be most useful for flying insects as it is normally placed high up, making it hard for other bugs to get to.


There are many different types of sprays available to get rid of your bug problem. For single bugs such as flies or wasps, for instance, an aerosol spray may work well – if not leaving your room smelling of bug killer. For a larger outdoor infestation, a larger sprayer can cover a bigger area and works well on aphids and greenflies on plants.

Sprays work well on a number of different bugs, but the smell and air pollution can be a bit off-putting.


Powders are a good way of eradicating bugs within your home and garden. For insects such as ants or spiders, a powder can be a good deterrent when sprinkled in highly populated areas or around doorways, as well as killing anything it comes into contact with. Again, if you do have pets or children, it may not be possible to spread the powder everywhere you need to.


Probably most commonly used for slugs and other garden crawlers, the pellets work to both deter and kill the bugs if they come into contact with it. Again, this is done by chemical means and can cause potential harm to anything that may eat the pellets such as small animals.

The Natural Way

If you are looking for a more natural way to get rid of any bugs then diatomaceous earth from Diatom Retail is an excellent alternative to chemical products. It can be used both inside and outdoors and will eradicate many different bugs with one single powder.

If you do have pets or children it may be worth considering food grade diatomaceous earth as it is safer, however it is not advisable to let your pets or children eat it unless administered properly.