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Great Tips for Getting your Garden Ready for Summer

Great Tips for Getting your Garden Ready for Summer

Summer is approaching. Day by day it’s only getting hotter and hotter and it won’t be long before we’ll look for places outside our home for recreational purposes. So now is the perfect time to go outside with your gardening gloves on and prepare for it for foreseeable future. A beautiful green garden can always come in handy during summer. Gardening also helps to spend your time in a better way.

So why wait? Here are some of the tips about getting your garden ready for summer:

1. Choose the type of flowers that you want to plant in your garden very carefully before the summer begins. Make sure you choose bright coloured flowers that are of different colours.

2. The lawn must be edged in order to give it a neat, clean line between the lawn and the flowerbed. This is one of the easiest ways to make your garden look much more beautiful.

3. If moss or any insects has been a problem in your garden, use a moss killer then simply rake it. To get rid of insects, you can use pesticides. However, try avoiding it as it may have a serious impact on your plants.

4. Once your seeds germinate, you can re-seed. This will thicken the lawn and fill in any empty patches in your garden and make it look more beautiful.

5. Large spaces are perfect for growing a wildflower meadow and various mixes are available to attract different kinds of wildlife like butterflies, Ladybirds, bees, etc. To ensure fresh growth next year, simply mow the garden well in advance.

6. Plant perennials in your flowerbeds for beautiful colours that come back year after year; then fill in any gaps with summer bedding plants.

7. If you have a small garden and no flowerbeds, fill the pots and containers with beautiful summer bedding baby plants in a variety of bright colours.

8. Scrub all the dirty patios and blast with a pressure washer to remove moss and dirt, ready for welcoming you’re alfresco dining guests.

9. Make tired wooden garden furniture look as good as new by treating it with teak oil – You don’t have to splash out on a new set of chairs and tables.

10. Place solar lights around your garden for a fantastic, eco-friendly way to light up your outdoor space when the sun goes down. After putting on the lights, your children can play in the garden.

11. Plant some climbers – especially if you have an old fence. They can be used to cover walls and old fences.

12. Planting vegetables that can grow in small spaces can always come in handy. Plants like potato, tomato etc. not only provides you with their fruit but also help in adding valuable greenery to your garden.

There are more than these points in getting your garden ready. Work hard in your garden and later you’ll definitely be rewarded. Love your garden now and later, it’ll love you back.