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Why You Should Hire Professional Tree Lopping Services

Why You Should Hire Professional Tree Lopping Services

There are many reasons why taking care of your trees and hedges is such an important part of being a property owner. Employing the proper maintenance for trees can not only make your garden look more impressive, but it can also help raise the value of your house. Growing beautiful trees in the right places can give your garden much-needed shade, they can also add an air of serenity and privacy to the landscaping that surrounds your home.

Many people enjoy gardening, or at least they like their gardens to be in prima proper shape, unfortunately attending to trees and hedges isn’t nearly as easy as your average horticulture job; in fact, the task can be extremely dangerous, especially when working with large trees and heights.

Trees often succumb to the power of Mother Nature, and when whole trees or even fallen limbs tumble they can leave a path of destruction in their wake. Falling trees are often the cause of power cuts, as well as damage to the house, plumbing, cars, and surrounding structures.

Even broken limbs and branches can be a hazard to remove, especially when the tree parts have fallen around electricity lines, plumbing pipes, or are still caught in other branches of the tree.

The sheer weight of trees is yet another reason why tree lopping should only be carried out by a trained professional. Many parts are too heavy for one person to lift and thus are even riskier to remove.

Whether it be for pruning and cutting, tree thinning, tree lopping, tree removal or stump grinding, you’ll be looking for the most professional tree lopping Perth has to offer, and The Tree Firm should be a company that’s top of the list.

The Tree Firm was set up by Paul Vickers, a skilled arborist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Together with his dedicated and highly competent workforce, the company provides professional tree lopping services throughout Perth. Vickers has found the quality of tree services slipping as companies branch out into multi-teamed businesses. In this field of work, he prefers to be more hands-on, and employ a close-knit team he can always count on. Even to this day, Paul takes your initial call and supervises the work, both in and outside the office.

So no matter if you’re wanting to tidy up the appearance of your trees and hedges, or you looking to remove the dangerous branches and limbs left scattered after a storm, give The Tree Firm a call today to organize a free site assessment and quotation… we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed.