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Nursery Bedding Set Ideas for Boys and Girls

Nursery Bedding Set Ideas for Boys and Girls

Once you’ve chosen the crib for your nursery, the next items to purchase will be crib bedding. Today, styles, patterns, and colors abound. One can purchase ultra-luxury down to tight budget, and from classic patterns to theme bedding.

If you purchase your nursery bedding as a matching set, chances are that it will include a crib sheet, comforter, a crib bumper pad, and possibly a crib ruffle, diaper stackers, or even crib mobiles. Keep in mind that the comforter is not to be used on the baby, and therefore is there simply as eye candy when the baby is not in the crib. You can even fit a stroller or double stroller with matching decor.

Crib bumper pads were a necessity back when slats were wide enough to allow the baby’s head to get caught, but today’s cribs no longer present that problem, hence the bumper pads may be unnecessary as well. Coordinated sets are fine, but you may find better bargains and variety by purchasing the bedding as separates.

The three W’s of nursery bedding is washable, washable, and washable! Regardless of the style, you are seeking, make sure that the fabrics are all cotton or even flannel. Both of these fabrics are also soft on the baby’s skin.

Also, be sure and buy enough so that you are not stuck having to wash bedding immediately upon changing it. Most parents like having at least four changes of bedding available as other things may demand your attention that takes priority over laundry.

Because of safety concerns, make sure that the bedding fits snugly on the mattress. Any deviation of size is a possible danger. It all must fit very snugly. You may also find that a plastic mattress cover is essential.

The length of time that you plan on keeping the bedding may also help guide you as to the budget of the bedding. If you purchased a convertible bed, for example, be sure that the sheets can be used through toddlerhood at least. Or, if your plans entail having another child in a year or two, the higher quality bedding should also be in your plans.

If on the other hand, you know that you like to change décor often in the rest of your home, the bedding will undoubtedly follow the same changes. Thus it may be best to purchase bedding that will last up to the point where you desire a change.

What to Buy?

The “latest” in cribs is, of course, a romantic-looking round crib. It enables the child to be the center of attention, however, the cost of bedding will be much higher than the “normal” crib bedding.

Crib bedding sets are sold worldwide, but the best choices are available online. Barring that, some of the large mega-baby stores are possibly the best bet. Regardless of where you buy bedding, the choices will be bewildering.

Finally, be sure and keep safety in mind first, then the quality of the bedding, and finally look at the comfort factor and nursery decor. Satisfying all of these is equally important for you and your baby.