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Nursery Walls and Furniture Decor Planning – DIY Ideas, Useful Tips

Nursery Walls and Furniture Decor Planning – DIY Ideas, Useful Tips

The particular nursery decor you will chose is as important as the décor you’ve chosen for the rest of your home. Most nurseries though are centered on a themed décor.

Choosing a theme will be easier if you look at what the other rooms look like, so that if you used hues of tans and oranges you can carry that through to the nursery.

Next, whether you choose cartoon characters, fairytale creatures, or animals, bugs or balloons, you need to integrate your colors into those choices. That will be part of your theme for your nursery decor.

Placing the essential pieces of furniture in the room will often help in making decisions. There will of course, be a crib, changing table and a dresser as well as a pail for used diapers. If space is tight, you can have a dresser that doubles as a changing table, for instance.

Decorations can be as personalized as you wish to make them. You can have hand-painted child furniture, letters for the wall, and even hand-painted lamps. You can even put up cute or funny baby sayings around the nursery. Hand-painted ceramics are also available. What used to be a horribly daunting task has been made so much easier through the Internet. Look around and find what absolutely thrills you and then you’re off in search of the items that fit your ideas.

The most popular colors:

Most nurseries feature pastel colors. A neutral painted background on the walls helps. For instance you can add small fluffy white clouds to a light blue background by using a sponge to make the clouds. Or add a baby themed wallpaper border affixed alongside the ceiling. Pictures of children or animals will help bring the room together as will stuffed animals or mobiles.

  • blue
  • blue and white
  • pink
  • pink and gray
  • coral
  • purple
  • yellow

The most popular themes:

Your theme, regardless of what it is, can also be reflected in the bedding and blanket you choose for the crib. It matters not what the theme is, there will undoubtedly be something that compliments or matches your theme choice.

  • nautical
  • elephant
  • owl
  • whale fox
  • rustic
  • vintage
  • safari
  • airplane
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • monkey
  • butterfly
  • dr seuss
  • mermaid
  • princess
  • hot air baloon
  • shabby chic
  • jungle
  • giraffe
  • crown
  • deer

Check out these themes also: lamb, Minnie mouse, teddy bear, lion king, baseball, sports, monsters inc, dinosaur, ladybug, ballerina, snoopy. Toy bins are perfect for carrying out your themes as well as providing storage that none of us have enough of. Tiny little child-sized rocking chairs also bring a room together including the essential “Aww factor.”

A child’s first environment will help form his or her personality and even impact how they will feel about themselves. Therefore the nursery needs to be comforting, safe, stimulating, functional and durable. Stimulation of the child’s imagination should be a constant feature of the theme you’ve chosen.

Let the room flow. Professional decorators emphasize that there should not be more than three of anything, thus perhaps your theme should utilize three main colors.

Or, three cartoon characters that appear in the same cartoon. Unification of the theme using the “threes” will probably be most helpful to you.

Do not forget the importance of good lighting as well as mood lighting. Each will have an effect on both yourself and your baby.

Whatever theme, colors, or styles you decide upon, remember that your child will not pass judgment on your choices, and this is a room that you yourself, will be spending a lot of time in too!