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Personalizing an Inexpensive Garden Bridge

Personalizing an Inexpensive Garden Bridge

Personalizing an Inexpensive Garden Bridge

If you cannot locate a garden bridge that will work in your outdoor space, don’t give up, you can easily have one customized just for your needs.

Garden bridges add character and functionality to an outdoor space. If you’ve searched and cannot find a bridge that speaks to your outdoor zing, you don’t have to give up on the idea of a bridge. You can personalize an inexpensive one easily.

Marble Faux Finish

This finish is for the marble lover. If you really enjoy the look of marble but can’t afford a few thousand dollars for a bridge made of it, make your own with an unfinished or stained (but not sealed) wooden one.

  1. First and foremost, know that you must use paints for exterior use. Indoor latex paint will not hold up in the elements outside.
  2. Find a pattern of marble you like and think will look good in your garden. Pick up 1 gallon of the base colour and a quart of each of the other colour (s) in the marble. You will also need a 4” paintbrush, 3 medium artists brushes, a thin artists brush and either acrylic latex glaze (for latex paint) or white spirit and oil glaze (for oil-based paints.)
  3. Apply two coats of basecoat, drying between coats.
  4. Mix 1 tablespoon of an accent paint with one tablespoon each of white spirit and oil glaze (for oil-based paints.) Mix 1 tablespoon accent paint with 1 tablespoon acrylic latex glaze (for latex paint.) Apply with artist brush in moderation.
  5. With a small cloth, wipe away wet glaze in irregular patterns, allowing patches of light and dark to form. Repeat with the next accent colour.
  6. To create the marble veins, use a thin artist brush to apply the darker of the accent colours in lines, varying thickness to achieve the desired look.

Writings and History

Do you have spiritual or mystical sayings that give you strength? Do you like “history in the making” and want to add a piece to your yard? Consider adding sayings, quotes or ask your guests’ signatures to your garden bridge.

All you need is a few cans of exterior paint (latex cleans up easiest), a variety of artists’ brushes and a little imagination. Ask guests to paint their name and date or what they did. Add your favourite proverb and ask each of your family members to add one as well. If you have growing kids, add their footprints or handprints along the rail each year.


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