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Preparing your Garden and Garden Room for Next Year

Preparing your Garden and Garden Room for Next Year

Getting your gardening together in early spring can certify a very productive year in the garden. Whether you work yourself or use a landscape gardener you will need to start around now to guarantee the best from your landscape garden.

Pruning shrubs early is something that should begin in spring. Early blooming shrubs can be but once the tree begins to bloom. It is possible to prune roses at this time of the year. Deadheading of bulbs can also begin at this time of the year. Deadhead those that have come and gone and save yourself time at a later period in the year.

Just as plants begin to grow, so do the weeds as any landscape gardener will tell you. Getting into your weeding just before they begin to root deeply means you get on top of matters before they begin to take off and take over your Wimbledon garden.

1. Clean the Garden Room or Sectional Buildings

The garden room or sectional building can often be overlooked during the winter period. People aren’t as willing to step outside into it. However, a quick clean and some tidying up should help sort out issues in any sectional building in Kent or elsewhere.

2. Compost

Compost can be left by the wayside during the winter; however, for good landscape gardens, get your tumbler, bin, or heap sorted out. This will make sure it is back and ready for spring and your Wimbledon garden can look its best.

Run out to your garden shed and also make certain that your tools are all in working order for the spring and upcoming summer. Get garden broken tools repaired, or replaced and warrant you have all that you need, so you can begin from the strongest possible point. Write a list and go to the gardening centre to get all you require.

3. Fertilise

Any landscape gardener will tell you to prepare your plant, fertilise your soil and mulch your beds, to ensure your soil is ready for planting. This can be done over a few weeks, and as you may have gathered, preparation is the key when learning to plant.

Of course, if you don’t have the time for all the spring gardening, a gardener from Wimbledon, or wherever you require can provide the aid you and your landscape garden and getting it ready for the period of growth.