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The Gentle Yet Powerful Pull Of Trees

The Gentle Yet Powerful Pull Of Trees

There are trees in our minds that bring back fond memories. We remember how trees connected us to nature and made us happy as we enjoyed their presence. Trees make us feel affectionate and connect us to our environment in ways hard to describe.

There it is. The tree with all your fond memories. This is the tree that you hung a rope from and dangled a tire off the end of the rope. You started swinging on this makeshift swing set and it took you back and forth from one side of the creek to the other side. Sometimes this swing would twirl you around in circles and make you just a little dizzy. Everyone standing around laughed as you fell from the tree in dizziness.

It was the tree with limbs that were strong enough and positioned just right so you could climb high up and sit there as a “lookout” or a pirate. It was also the tree where you got your first kiss.

This might have also been the tree where you carved out your initials and your first love’s initials proclaiming your love forever – or so you thought. This tree would bloom with flowers in the springtime and would fill your bedroom with a pleasant aroma as the wind carried into your open window.

When we think of trees, we think of a connection where our souls merge with one of the four major elements in the world – wood. People don’t really take much time to focus on this connection.

Trees are similar to us too in that they also have individual forms that actually resemble humans somewhat. The mighty Oak resembles some of us who are resolute and strong; the Weeping Willow resembles someone who is wiry and carefree; Apple and Pear trees are representative of people who will be producing offspring. The swaying Palm tree almost has a personality of its own as it weaves its leaves to and fro in the wind.

There’s a sense of protectiveness, then, that even the anti-“green” types of people all feel; Because these trees shade us, provide our food, lumber for our homes, shelter us from storms, and make our front lawns more attractive, we really ought to give something back.

Trees tell stories of endurance over the centuries, resistance to extreme cold and heat, and fighting off disease. And, trees don’t live forever but die just as humans do.

All trees are important and very necessary in this ecological system of ours. All sizes and shapes of trees are important as they work together to replenish our oxygen supply. We help our wildlife habitats by protecting existing trees as well as planting new ones. Trees are also essential to protect our soil, heal degraded land, make eye-appealing landscapes, and just make the earth’s ecological system work better.

Anyone can appreciate the beauty of our trees. You don’t have to be a member of some organization like Save the Trees or Greenpeace to do that. We all can derive our individual messages from the trees that impact our lives.

Enjoy the flowers but don’t forget about the trees. They do so much in making our world better. And, the most important thing they do is give us the oxygen we need.