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How to Attract Lots of Butterflies in The Garden

How to Attract Lots of Butterflies in The Garden

How are butterflies become appealing to the garden? Butterflies fly around the garden and love to land on the different kinds of flowers. These butterflies stay on the plants and spread their wings vertically revealing more their colourful wing designs making the garden more appealing.

Do these insects destroy your plants? Absolutely yes! Butterflies lay their eggs especially on wide leaves on nectar-producing flowers in your garden. The baby butterflies which are called caterpillars stick long on the leaves of the plants in which these leaves become their foods and therefore destroy the leaves making the leaves of your garden plants ugly.

Do caterpillars eat vegetable plants? Caterpillars eat also your vegetable plants. Be sure not to put your vegetable plants too close to the butterfly plants. Avoid the use of powder pesticides to protect the caterpillars, butterflies and butterfly plants. This way, the liquid pesticide will not spread to the butterfly plants.

If you want several butterflies in your garden with green healthy plant leaves, plant flowers that attract the adult butterflies and plant weeds that attract the baby butterflies or caterpillars. Plants for adult butterflies are lilac, lantana, phlox, cosmos, goldenrod, black-eyed Susan, bee balm and butterfly bush. The weeds for the baby butterflies are bermudagrass, thistle, milkweed, clover sorrel and nettle. Parsley, fennel, cultivated milkweed and mallow are plants that are most attracted by caterpillars.