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The month of December is a period of time that most of us avidly look forward to every year, what with the season’s cheer and camaraderie an exciting excuse for everyone young and old alike to revel and enjoy in, undoubtedly! From masses at Church to social gatherings at home, this prevailing season’s vibe is full of meeting, greeting and catching up with friends and family on life.

With Christmas and New Years Eve around the corner, are you prospecting to host a few parties too? Be it a formal family reunion or a casual cocktail extravaganza, a myriad of ideas are always in buzz amongst one and many to create an event that could be one to remember for a long time to come. With the added perk of a spacious backyard or veranda at your dispense, what better than to have your occasions right at the sanctuary of your very own home?

That’s right, everything from furniture to catering equipment can be cleverly laid out even if your outdoor premise doesn’t seem that generous enough in terms of space. Likewise, this article exclusively focuses on how you could arrange some exquisite pieces of metal garden furniture for not just providing a convenient means of thriving to guests but also for uniquely flaunting a great deal of elegant personal taste and beauty within your home overall.

While an extra dining set or two could be reasonable to purchase, chances are that you may expect guests to be more in number than what the furniture that is currently available in your home can aid to. Therefore, finding a hiring agent that offers the same for some exquisite aluminium garden furniture pieces is probably your best bet for hosting a socializing session that is comfortable and convenient at the same time.

For my holiday galas, why should I exclusively choose cast aluminium outdoor furniture in lieu of cast iron garden furniture? 

Unlike heavy-duty cast iron, aluminium outdoor furniture presents a few benefits (including that of superior-grade wrought iron garden furniture as well). Step-by-step, here are just some of the advantages that furniture made from aluminium has over iron-derived pieces:

(i) Light-weight:

Unlike outdoor iron furniture, your aluminium sets could easily be shifted from one place to another by being carried just by an average adult, unlike its ironed counterparts.

(ii) Durable:

Although the snow and gales of this season’s harsh winters might ruin your flower beds, your aluminium furniture outside shall remain unharmed regardless of the extremes borne by any climatic elements.

(iii) Cheaper:

Available at a fraction of the cost of furniture made from other raw materials (but with equally stringent capabilities), investing in some ergonomic aluminium outdoor furniture is definitely a no-brainer, rest assured.

So, how exactly can I incorporate different pieces of aluminium outdoor furniture in conjunction with different parties that I wish to host? 

Depending on what level of formality and concept you are planning to hail all your well-wishers in, you will need to order different types of furniture to fit your party criteria. In order to get a better perspective, here are a few exemplified case scenarios that could help you get started:

(i) Family reunions:

For most family reunions, members of all ages alike are bound to be present within the boundaries of your lawn. From elders to toddlers, everyone should have a spot that is comfy enough to be in; while a 12 or 15-seater dining table complete with a large-sized ‘lazy Susan’ (a.k.a turntable) is essential during meal sessions, a bench or two along a wall is ideal for engaging in conversation. Aluminium swings are simply splendid for children to play and occupy themselves in too!

(ii) Cocktail sessions:

As adults may mostly be present henceforth, having either a few benches or recliners around a bonfire is a great way to exude a laid-back vibe. For a more formal and elegant affair, integrating one large dining set or a few smaller dining sets as per your personal preferences is appropriate enough to keep a similarly desirable sensation flowing around.

(iii) Weddings:

What with a joyful season of Christmas and NYE already in full swing, most hopeful couples are now avidly looking forward to trying the knot this winter too! While dining sets shall be best suited for a function such as this, don’t forget to add in a few single aluminium tables for keeping flower bouquets and gifts given by invitees as well!